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Attending to complete my web site, I have decided to use this page of my blog to introduce myself briefly.

My name is Giuseppe Buono, and I’m born on 30th October 1978.

I’m a Geologist and a Paleontologist, and I love all things linked to these subjects.

Actually I’m formerly unemployed even if I’m trying to earn money  in different ways (teaching, repairing PC, video and photo editing and selling collection items). Moreover I’m preparing myself to sustain geologist habilitation exam (I’m not sustain this exam because I’m been fully occupied by my PhD).

However my dream remains to work in scientific research so I’m continuing to study. Naturally everyone can help informing me about job offers or concourse is welcome.

My principal scientific interests are:

·        Geology and Paleontology general

·        Post-Paleozoic Brachiopods

·        Bioerosion and fossils tracks

·        Biometric and statistic analysis

·        Exceptional fossil preservation

·        Geology and Paleontology on stamps

Here are my curriculums:

1.    Scientific curriculum in English

2.   Curriculum completo in italiano



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